The Kibo Code Review By Steven & Aidan


The Kibo Code Review

Are you looking for The Kibo Code review?

Here is an honest review of the Kibo code, a new coaching program that teaches you how to build a profitable e-commerce business starting from scratch.

The Kibo Code training is a new model that teaches e-commerce business in a new dimension. You don’t need any inventory, no Amazon account, it is a stress-free way of making money with this business.

If you want to get your share from 300 billion dollar eCommerce industry, then you need to register with the Kibo code training program.

The program is the most profitable business model that Booth and Adrian have ever taught. A complete eCommerce business in a  way that people have NOT experienced before.

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The Kibo Code Review

The training has millions of dollars earnings as proof which shows that the course can give you a fantastic result. There are testimonials from people who are currently crushing it with the Kibo code business model.

With this method, you don’t need to involve in Amazon, no need to deal with warehouses or need foreign suppliers.

Not only that, you can profit with this business model without run Facebook Ads or worry about inventory.

The new eCommerce business model REMOVES of ALL the challenges people are facing when it comes to the e-commerce business.

What is the Kibo Code?

The Kibo Code training is an 8-Week program that will show you how to build a business using a very unique style of eCommerce by Steve and Aidan that has generated 7 figures over the past couple of years.

What makes The Kibo Code different from other methods is that this is VERY easy for people to implement, even without prior experience.

There is no:

  • No Amazon,
  • No Inventory
  • No Facebook

The method is based on a business model a famous store in Toyko; Japan uses to generate BILLIONS of dollars every year selling any type of product you can imagine.

The secrets behind this method are to fill their eCommerce store with products. They find what sells, and put the best-selling products in more visible places to their traffic. They remove the product that does not sell and then continue to add more new products, remove and optimise others, to increase their conversions and maximize their profits.

The major focus with The   Kibo Code is on PRODUCTS, NOT NICHES just like the profitable Japanese MEGA store, and with this method, you can potentially reach a $2K per day run rate with just three products WITHOUT worry about spending amount of money on paid traffic.

It teaches a new model in different ways such that, it doesn’t require inventory, no need Amazon account, no need to invest in paid ads, and with almost zero risks. People can start with little capital and make more profits.

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What To Expect From This Program

The course was created by Clayton and Booth. They teach you how to start a new eCommerce business model that doesn’t require inventory, no suppliers and no Amazon FBA.


  • It is a complete E-COMMERCE training program that shows you all the steps to have success in your business.
  • The training is broken down into an easy to digest and very simple to understand.
  • They have an active forum and FB group where all people can get help and ask questions about their business.
  • The training contains both video and PDF; you all the students have got access to any format they like anywhere.
  • They have 30 days no question refund if you are not satisfied.
  • They provide other necessary tools to help you in your business
  • You will also get free access to all the template used by both Aidan and steven to get more result in less time.

If you want to start a new eCommerce business or looking for a business that can generate you 6 figures per month, then you may want to join the Kibo Code course.

The training will start in January 2020  and closed on Feb 2020. The training is 8 weeks program that will walk you through every step to launch a profitable e-commerce business in 2020.

Imagine With this Ecommerce model:

  • You don’t need to worry about up-front inventory that is no money down to get started.
  • No more Facebook ads. You don’t need to deal with Facebook ad again.
  • No Amazon required People love Amazon but they do get tired of the changes as a seller on Amazon.
  • No more ordering products from China. No communication issues and tariff problem either.

This is EVEN getting far better, because

You’re building your OWN business that you can sell later if you want to)

Anyone can do this type of business ANYWHERE in the world (and for people who live outside the USA, WITHOUT reseller certificate requirements  etc.)

Very easy to scale it up fast.

One of the advantages of this model is that it eliminates all the stress of eCommerce businesses. No ad spend and no China while building your OWN platform, and with the ability to run a profitable e-commerce business anywhere in the world.

Method Behind The Training

Aidan booth kibo code training

Find a good domain name to register using amazing tools provided in Kibo code training

Build a simple e-commerce store with a mobile-friendly theme.

Research profitable and HOT selling products from the selection of 3 million items

Load your ecom store with HOT selling products.

Drive highly targeted traffic to the product listing. You will learn how to get very cheap and untapped traffic to get high conversions.

When you made a sale, the product will be delivered by the USA to drop shipping to the customer. They will provide you with a list of USA supplier’s drop shipping to deliver your product to the customers.

The customer gets the product to deliver very fast.

Optimize the product listing. You keep on adding more HOT selling products to the storefront.

Repeat the process by adding more products to your store.

This is the basics SYSTEM behind the Kibo code eCommerce business. There are also more secrets to learn from the program

What is the Kibo Code Price?

Aidan booth kibo code training

The Kibo code cost $3,497 for a one-time payment, while the three-time amount is $997 per month. For those who can’t afford the one-time fee, you can subscribe for the 3 months payment.

There is 30 days money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the training.

Are you interested in starting the eCommerce business in 2020?

If yes, then there is an opportunity to get you to hand in a complete training that promise to give you results, you only need to follow are their step by step instructions.

Both Aidan and Steve have been in this business for years with incredible success, so I don’t doubt their authority when it comes to eCommerce business.

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The Kibo Code Review: Final Taught

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